Patient Recruitment

Patient Recruitment The key to successful, on-time and on-budget clinical trial enrollment is, ‘comprehensive patient recruitment planning and management.’

With patient recruitment experience across diverse therapeutic areas, we are able to apply this model to mitigate enrollment risk and provide predictive metrics and timelines.

AAA Clinical Research has a proven track record of delivering successful trials despite challenges such as:

  • Complex inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Reluctance from patients due to negative perception of clinical research
  • High screen failure rates necessitating the need for a large patient database to meet study targets
  • Short recruitment timelines

AAA Clinical Research understands the obstacles and has consistently not just met, but exceeded enrollment targets. This has been possible by applying the following strategies:

  1. Maintaining a robust patient database and network
  2. Utilizing the services of Capsule Communications, an IRB approved, Canadian recruitment agency
  3. Collaborating with family physicians and specialists to get referrals
  4. Applying effective, demographically aligned media strategies (traditional and digital)
  5. Implementing strong direct response principles, yielding high candidate enrollment rates
  6. Participating in public forums and health expos to attract diverse populations
  7. Engaging in local community and pharmacy education events
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